Thursday, June 26, 2014

Makeup Geek blushes! | Review and swatches

I’m so excited to bring you this review on new Makeup Geek blushes! They just launched on June 15th, and they come in compacts or as pans that you can fit into an empty palette. I got them in compacts, and I got three colors, which are Romance, Spellbound, and Head Over Heels. There are 13 colors, and they all have really cute love-themed names. I didn’t really choose different types of finishes and colors on purpose, I just got the ones that I was drawn to the most. Makeup Geek actually posted a video showing all the colors, and I will say, the swatches in that video look pretty washed out, so I would just go onto her website, and they have swatches of every product, and those swatches are a lot more accurate.

Pretty packaging!
Left to right: Romance, Spellbound, Head Over Heels
So if you’ve tried the Makeup Geek eyeshadows, you know that those are really smooth and pigmented, they’re also talc-free. In general, I think they’re good, but depending on the brush that I use, I feel like they can get a little bit powdery. Also, I feel like not every color comes off very true to pan, like Cocoa Bear, it’s a really warm brown in the pan, but after I blend it out it can look a bit orange to me. Nevertheless, the pigmentation is great and they blend fairly well. So I kind of kept these things in mind when I started trying the blushes. And I will say, depending on the brush, these can kick up a little bit of powder as well, but it’s not much at all. I am just amazed at how well these apply--they’re so pigmented, but they’re not hard to blend in the slightest, and I never feel like I have to be too careful about applying too much. They also never look powdery, and, in general, they have awesome staying power. So now I’m going to go through the individual colors, because there are definitely some slight variances between their formulas.

Left to right: Romance, Spellbound, Head Over Heels

Romance (peach pink with golden shimmer)
  • This is a really gorgeous color--it’s quite similar to MAC eyeshadow in Expensive Pink (Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Cosmopolitan is a dupe), or NARS Orgasm; however, it applies so much smoother than NARS Orgasm, and the shimmer is a lot more finely milled. I don’t think the staying power is quite as fantastic as the other two--maybe because the shimmer is kind of a filler--but I would still wear this blush because the color is so beautiful; I would just layer a cream blush under it to improve its staying power.

Spellbound (neutral muted pink)

  • This looks super natural and pretty, and the staying power is great! I wore this for over ten hours, and before I took off my makeup, this blush still looked great--it wasn’t patchy or faded at all.

Head Over Heels (light Barbie pink with fine silver shimmer)

  • This is probably the lightest out of all the colors I got, and in the pan it looks like it has some fine silver shimmer, but on the cheeks it just comes off with a slight satin finish. This is a perfect classic pink that gives you a really healthy glow and just looks so pretty and feminine. I’m really impressed by the staying power of this one too; it doesn’t break down when my skin gets oily by midday, and it stays looking pretty fresh.

Overall, these blushes are really awesome, and the formula and texture is really reminiscent of Sleek and MAC blushes. I would definitely recommend these if you're looking for a great quality blush that's not too expensive. Judging from the swatches on the Makeup Geek website, it looks like they have a great variety of colors, too! I hope you found this review helpful and have a great day!

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