Monday, March 31, 2014

LDR makeup | Webcam makeup tips

I am in, or have been in, long distance relationships with almost everyone who's important to me: my parents, my besties (all of whom live a minimum of three states away), and, until recently, my boyfriend. I've spent a good portion of time on Skype during the last four years, and I think I've perfected a makeup routine that looks great on webcam. Although I think I generally look better on webcam (yay for low definition!), makeup can look significantly more dramatic and colors can look really different from real life.

Be generous with blush

Blush is so important--it instantly makes you look more alive, which I found especially helpful during finals week. Lesser-quality cameras can wash you out a bit, so wear a little more blush than you think you need. I love Milani Baked Blush in Coralina and NYX Blush in Pinched.

Wear warm colors

Colors like taupe or purple can look really harsh and dark on webcam. Try to go for warm colors, especially if you have yellow undertones. I like the top row of the Stila In the Light palette and the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.

Be careful with shimmer

Depending on your lighting, shimmer can make your skin look greasy or your eyes puffy. Try to go for satin or matte finishes if you can help it. I like Lorac Pro Palette for a wide range of matte colors.

Pay attention to dark circles

When you're Skyping, chances are your light source is from above, so look out for dark circles--even if you use concealer, mascara and eyeliner smudges can give the look of undereye darkness, so blot away any smears with a Q-tip. If you have dark circles, try Benefit Erase Paste--a peach-colored concealer corrects darkness really well!

Other extras
Don't forget to change into a cute top and brush your hair! And, of course, smile--your loved ones deserve to see you at your best.